The Catholic University of America

 Global Migration and Refugee Program Faculty


Program Director

Dr. Enrique S. Pumar  Migration and Urban Development, Hispanic Diaspora, Education, Cuba and Latin America.


Affiliate Faculty

Dr. Sandra Barrueco  Developmental and Mental Health, Immigrants and Immigrant Children.

Dr. Dorle Hellmuth  Transatlantic Politics and Security, Counterterrorism, Radicalization.

Dr. Stefania Lucamante  Italian and Comparative Literature.

Dr. Maria Mazzenga   American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives.

Dr. Jennifer O'Riordan  French, Irish Languages and Cultures.                                                       

Dr. Julia G. Young    Mexico and Latin American History, Diaspora, Global Migration. 



Affiliated Scholar

Dr. Jesus A. Valero Matas  International Migration, Religion, Spain.